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"Wicked Karnival magazine presents a striking collection of Halloween fiction and poetry by some of horror's finest talents. Featuring a forward and story by Rick Hautala, an essay by James Newman, and new fiction by Graham Masterton, William Gagliani, and James A. Moore, this illustrated volume will certainly become a holiday classic."

HALLOWEEN EDDIE'S in Wicked Karnival Halloween Horror OUT NOW! Order your copy from Lulu

PIN THE DEVIL appeared in the Auguest Edition Volume 2 Issue 8 of Thirteen Magazine

FROM THE CORNER OF MY EYE will appear in a future issue of All Hallows: the Journal of the Ghost Story Society.
BABY in issue 39 of Black Petals.
PIN THE DEVIL will also be reprinted in Black Death Books' yearly anthology The Blackest Death III later in 2007.



























Halloween Eddie's was reprinted on The Horror-Web's month-long Halloween Story Special on 23rd October 2006











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